What's the most popular Virtual Assistant Software?

We often hear questions from new virtual assistants on what they should get set up with in terms of software and tools to deliver great service. So we have compiled a list of the most common tools and services used by virtual assistants.

  1. Google Mail, Drive and Calender - This is a web-based application that makes it easy to share your calendar with your team on a need-to-know basis
  2. LastPass - Ensure all your credentials to your clients accounts are secure.
  3. Zoom - Currently the best pick for live video and team meetings.
  4. Sniping Tool - The free Windows inbuild screen capture app.
  5. SweetProcess - Manage repeatable processes.
  6. Calendly - Make your calendar available for appointment bookings.
  7. Dropbox - Another great organization and storage option for virtual assistants
  8. Acuity - For any VA that finds themselves scheduling different types of appointments like discovery calls and regular check-in calls with clients.
  9. Canva - Canva is a great way to create marketing images, flyers, and its user-friendly.

Of course once you will want to ensure communication is as good as it can be using video meetings and cloud collaboration tools.

Ensuring inbound messages are passed on with clarity and not third hand can also be a challenge - this is where recorded video voicemail messaging can play a part.