Assistance HQ helps you get your contracts e-signed online by your clients without printing, signing, scanning or attaching to an email.

  1. Login to your AssistanceHQ dashboard
  2. Select My Settings - Contracts
  3. Upload your PDF Contract
  4. Navigate to your clients profile in messages
  5. Click to send a proposal with your contract attached to your client.
  6. When the proposal is opened an audit event will be created.
  7. The client signs with either touch/pointer or types their signature and can download a copy of the contract.
  8. When the proposal agreement completed you will recieve a notification that contract has been signed.
  9. The audit trail will record the event and the clients IP address
  10. The contract will be archived in your client folder.

Note: It is important to use the right contract for your business, we recommend you either use a standard template or seek legal advice on the terms most suited for your business.

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