Assistance HQ helps you send digital proposals to your clients with video, contract, invoice and payment and an audit trail included.

  1. Login to your AssistanceHQ dashboard.
  2. Select My Settings - Packages.
  3. For retainer packages and weekly packages toggle to enable.
  4. Set you unit number (days) and unit price (in your currency).
  5. You can toggle public pricing for your profile page and public proposals.
  6. You can enable fixed price service packages under My Settings - Services.
  7. Ensure you have enabled payments under My Settings - Payments.
  8. Ensure you have uploaded your branding under My Settings - Branding.
  9. Ensure you have uploaded your portfolio and introduction video under My Settings - Portfolio.
  10. To send a custom proposal amount goto your client profile in messages, toggle options and enter a custom amount then click to send.
  11. When the proposal agreement completed you will recieve a notification that contract has been signed.
  12. The audit trail will record the event and the clients IP address.
  13. The status of the payment of the invoice can now be managed directly in your payment platform.

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