Time Tracking


Assistance HQ helps your clients manage their budgets and top up your retainer without the backwards and forwards emails.

  1. Login to your AssistanceHQ dashboard.
  2. Select My Settings - Packages.
  3. Enter your Toggl API key.
  4. Navigate to your clients profile in messages.
  5. Click to edit your client profile and set their project name that you will use in Toggl.
  6. To create a new Timecard purchase open the client profile and click Send New Timecard. this will create the timecard and send the client a confirmation and a link to view the balance.
  7. When the client logs into the client portal they will be able to click on Timetracking to see the timecards and balance of hours credited/debited.
  8. They will be able to top up the time with a direct link to your services and proposal page.

Sign up for Toggl toggl.com and download the Toggl Chrome Browser Extension or mobile app.

time tracking
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